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Furnace Muffle Failures: 3 Warning Signs

As a maintenance manager, you’re likely keeping a careful eye on your furnace muffle and the products your furnace produces. You’re also hoping that your muffle provides optimal performance and a long lifespan. But...

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Furnace Muffle: Keep Replacement Costs In Check

Topic: Muffles, Cost of Furnace Muffle Replacement

Investing in a replacement furnace muffle is an important consideration. You want to make sure your next investment is a wise one from the perspective of up-front cost and it’s expected lifespan. If you are looking for...

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Alloy Engineering Company Celebrates 75th Anniversary

BEREA, OHIO – November marks the 75th anniversary for Alloy Engineering Company, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of alloy equipment for high-temperature and corrosive industrial applications. Alloy has...

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AECO will be at PowderMet 2018 in San Antonio, TX Booth 221

Topic: Muffles, PowderMet

Alloy Engineering will be at PowderMet 2018 in San Antonio, TX from June 18th-19th. Please stop by the booth, #221, and ask about how we can extend the life of your furnace muffles. We also have a Hold-For-Release program...

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Come see us at PowderMet 2017 in Las Vegas, NV June 14th-15th, Booth #305

Topic: Batch Retorts, Muffles, Industrial Fans, Company News, PowderMet

Alloy Engineering will be at PowderMet 2017 in Las Vegas, NV from June 14th-15th. Come stop by our booth and say hello. Booth #305 in the Grand Ballroom- Bellagio Hotel.

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Furnace Muffle Products: Why Others Fail Before Ours

Topic: Muffles, Company News, PowderMet

Pictured below are two muffles used in powder metal sintering furnaces. The bottom muffle failed because the roof collapsed, which is pretty evident from the photo. Parts could not be conveyed through the muffle after the...

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