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Value of Commercial Heat Treating Industry Stocking Program

Stocking programs have long been used to reduce operating costs, lead times and furnace down time. However, there are many manufacturing companies that have yet to take advantage of these programs. If your company is...

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Why Furnace Muffles Fail: Using The Wrong Materials

Topic: Why Furnace Muffles Fail, Furnace muffle

Furnace muffles are designed to maximize your furnace up-time and lower your costs. As a maintenance manager or process engineer, you’re looking for optimum performance and a long lifespan. Prematurely pulling a muffle...

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Furnace Muffle Failures: 3 Warning Signs

As a maintenance manager, you’re likely keeping a careful eye on your furnace muffle and the products your furnace produces. You’re also hoping that your muffle provides optimal performance and a long lifespan. But...

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