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Welding a ‘Job Shop’ Mentality with Continuous Improvement Philosophies

We’re proud of the close working relationship Alloy Engineering (AECo) has with our customers. Beyond the obvious – a solid business base and sustained growth – these relationships also give us greater insight into how to produce better products for them.

AECo is known for fabricating products that have a long life cycle. But no product lasts forever. Learning when and how a product fails gives us really valuable information for future product development. Our customer relationships give us an opportunity to look at each product to determine how we can make it better the next time.

For example, our engineers might look at how a product moved or flexed. We evaluate how specific materials have fared and what changes could be made to add strength or more resistance to oxidation.

Often we work on solving one problem and our process reveals new solutions that can be applied for other situations. We are constantly evolving and sharing our insights and progress with our customers.

Welder on Muffle

One point of contact – multiple resources available.

We have a unique customer care model. Every customer has a project manager who is their primary ‘point person’. That project manager begins with an analysis of the customer needs and formulates a quote based on their specific situation. This continues right through the fabrication process, installation and product evaluation process. And when a challenge arises, the project manager can assemble a team to support the customer and build a solution.

We have a flat organizational structure which enables us to get people working across departmental boundaries to attack a challenge, too. There’s no cumbersome hierarchy that needs to be navigated to get something done. We have a team of experienced engineers who can collaborate on any given challenge and formulate a plan quickly to solve it.

Broad spectrum of welding and forming capabilities.

Everybody welds and fabricates. We are not that different, in that respect. But we pride ourselves on our ability to form, weld and build parts in a wide variety of geometric shapes out of high temperature alloys. For example, we fabricate cone shapes used for conical ends, kettle reboilers, tank roofs, ejectors and cyclones.

AECo is able to roll and form diameters in alloys from as small as 1.5 inches to nearly whatever size is needed. Depending on the geometry, we can fabricate from plate up to 1 inch thickness in all steel, stainless steel, and high-temperature nickel alloys, including perforated sheet and plate.

The experience and expertise of our craftsmen and the quality of the equipment at their disposal allow us to lay down more weld in less time with 100% radiographic inspection acceptance. There’s no loss of quality when speed of production is a paramount consideration. Excellent welds with predictable results are the norm.

Giving back to create a stronger industry.

One of AECo’s core competencies and market advantages is the breadth of engineering talent and experience we have under one roof. We are a company of involved, visible engineering professionals who continually give back and devote our time to improve our industry. So when customers work with AECo, they have access to a team of knowledgeable, recognized industry leaders. Our corporate infrastructure is truly unique. We not only share our knowledge and expertise with peers but are constantly learning and growing by participating in educational programming that keeps us sharp, alert and on top of developments. The result is a more invested company that produces better products and applies greater resources for the benefit of our customers.

At AECo, we believe this is a distinct competitive advantage and a definitive value for our customers.

We tend to flourish when companies need a partner who is poised under pressure, responsive in difficult times and quick with thoughtful solutions that can be executed with precision, resolve and confidence.